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Go up! "Plastic quotation" collective alleviate, EVA, LDPE increase significantly

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1.In addition, most of the aromatic hydrocarbon production is located in the Gulf region of the United States. Supplies and shipments of benzene could also be threatened if major refineries are forced to shut down in bad weather.  
There are three large styrene plants in Louisiana that account for about 30% of the North American styrene market share, so a direct hit on Louisiana would have an impact.  

The US methanol market will also face tight supply and rising prices for natural gas feedstock.  With 95 per cent of domestic capacity located on or near the Gulf Coast, any further disruption could have a serious impact. 
The supply of acetic and vinyl acetate monomers (VAM) in the United States was already extremely tight following previous force majeure events, with producers unable to keep up with demand in domestic and export markets. 
Dow also has an acrylic, isobutanol and n-butanol facility in Taft, La., that could be affected. 
Vinediol ether remains tight due to lack of acetic acid. This has particularly affected the supply of methyl propylene glycol acetate (PMA). 
In addition, the POLYcarbonate (PC) market in the U.S. is very tight, and Sabic has a plant in Alabama that could have a direct impact on the market if it takes a direct hit. 
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is made almost entirely in gulf Coast ports, which are highly vulnerable to hurricane damage. 
U.S. ethylene glycol (MEG) supplies are tight, with at least 25% of North American capacity offline for planned maintenance, while PET is running almost normally. 
In addition, the production of terephthalic acid (PTA) and PET relies heavily on imported PX, and the Gulf of Mexico is the largest U.S. PX importer and therefore most likely to be affected by any potential storm damage.  
2. Increase the ex-factory price 
Affected by inventory and output, upstream petrochemical plant price rises frequently, under the support of cost, PE factory price increases, daily increase of 15-45 usd/ton.  In addition to the market peak season storage mood strong, LDPE rose to 1830 usd/ton in a week, the weekly increase of more than 155usd.  
3. The traditional peak season is approaching  

PE demand is about 78% from film, according to small program analysis shows that with the arrival of agricultural film demand peak season from September to December, PE short-term demand is increasing, and upstream part of the device maintenance, market supply reduction, the end of agricultural film demand and other positive news, many encouraging the mentality of shipping business.  From the demand side, this round of price rises form a positive.  
It can be seen that this round of PE rise from supply and demand, cost and other factors, from the RISE of PE analysis can also be seen that, with the advent of the seasonal demand season, the demand side is expected to gradually recover, the raw material market so shows strong signs of operation.  After the market is expected, with the arrival of gold nine silver ten, the market up momentum or more strong, the supply of the market will be further strained.  Before the advent of the market, businesses should follow the market to seize the opportunity. 

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