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What is the working principle of flow drawing machine?

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Stretch film machine is our country in the mid - 80 - s introduced from abroad, mostly single layer, is specially used to produce stretch film equipment, using high precision electronic ceramics stretch film machine, using aluminum oxide as the main raw material of ceramic cast, put the crushed powder and plasticizer, binding agent, dispersing agent, solvent mixtures has a certain viscosity of slurry, slurry from hopper, After drying and curing, it is peeled off from the top to become the film of green belt. Then according to the size and shape of the finished product, the green belt is punched and cut, lamination and other processing treatment, and made into the blank product to be sintered. It has the advantages of low cost, high quality, no poison and simple production process.

Until the 21st century, driven by market demand, domestic streaming film production equipment has achieved long-term development, domestic streaming equipment international competitiveness is also increasing. Do you know how the weisheng current extension machine works?
Generally speaking, the working principle of small precision flow drawing machine needs to add plastic particles into the hopper, plasticize and melt the plastic particles through the single screw extruder, and then come out from the main die head, and then through the flow drawing auxiliary machine for auxiliary flow drawing, trimming, rolling and winding molding.

Small precision flow drawing machine is composed of precision single screw extruder die block and flow drawing machine auxiliary module. Single screw extruder die block is composed of main motor, gear reduction case, feed seat, thrust package, screw, barrel, transition body, die head, heating/cooling system, operation screen and so on. Barrel and screw: barrel and screw is one of the core working parts of the extrusion unit, are made of high-performance materials, the surface of the barrel using nitriding treatment.

Flow drawing machine auxiliary module is mainly composed of flow drawing roll, traction roll, traction roll pressing mechanism and winding