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What will happen to the common plastic bag industry when countries promote the use of biodegradable bags? Biodegradable industry will develop rapidly!

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★What does PBAT biodegrade into?  So what does PBAT biodegrade into? 
Low carbon environmental protection you and I grab PBAT biodegradable plastic bags will biodegrade into water, carbon dioxide, methane and some new microorganisms, in a word, no environmental pollution. 
Besides being biodegradable, PBAT can also be composted! 
PBAT biodegradable plastic is widely used, it ushered in a new opportunity for market development. As a result, there are many modified materials and some additives for PBAT biodegradable plastics. Such as antihydrolytic agent, toughening agent, nucleating agent, antibacterial agent and so on.  

We are increasingly using biodegradable products in our daily life, especially plastic bags, packaging bags, etc. When used up, it is recommended to send to the designated bin or recycling point 
Full marks for garbage sorting environment 
Our treatment of PBAT biodegradable product category is mainly to bury. Not only does littering affect the rate of biodegradation, it also has a "visual" impact on the environment. 
Although PBAT biodegradation is not harmful to the environment, we still need to reduce the use, especially not "extravagant waste". PBAT is a product of petrochemicals, and oil is a limited resource.

★ Degradable plastics can be blended to cover the application of PE and PP in most fields
PLA has low elongation at break and melt strength, and its strength and film-blowing processability can be improved by blending with PBAT or PBS. PBAT has low bending modulus and is often blended with PLA to improve rigidity and stiffness. As the mainstream of degradable plastics, PBAT, PBS and PLA can meet the requirements of mechanical properties and processability of plastics by blending and modification.

★ Raw materials easy to rise and fall, degradable plastics long difficult to have a price advantage
Raw materials BDO and AA account for more than 70% of the production cost of PBAT for a long time and determine the price trend of PBAT. Although BDO has a large capacity planning, its construction cycle is 10 to 12 months longer than PBAT. With the tight calcium carbide market, BDO will have a tight supply before 2023. In addition, AA will usher in a mismatch between supply and demand after 2022. The raw material cost which is easy to rise but hard to fall makes it difficult for PBAT price to fall for a long time. Although the cost of PLA is relatively stable, it is also more than 10,000 yuan/ton. In the long run, the cost of PBAT and PLA is at least 2,000~5,000 yuan higher than that of PE and PP.

★ Driven by policies and production capacity, degradable plastics gradually occupy the space of PE and PP
In the policy area, agricultural mulch due to cost and technical issues, degradable plastic alternatives are limited; Express packaging materials are mainly recycled materials, and the loss of PE and PP is small. However, with the addition of food delivery packaging, plastic cutlery and delivery plastic packaging, we expect the loss of polyolefin to reach 1.26 million tons in 2022 and 2.02 million tons in 2025 due to the plastic ban and the release of high yield of biodegradable plastics.

★ Investment Advice
Under the neutral estimate, PE replacement is expected to account for 1.0% of the total demand in 2021, while PE demand growth is 6.2% in the same period, so biodegradable plastics have already started to replace PE in 2021. For PP, degradable plastics will begin to cause substantial substitution for PP by 2023, and the substitution amount will account for 0.8% of the total demand. In general, the benefit of degradable plastics to PE is greater than PP in quantity, and also earlier than PP in time.