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Satellite Type Flexographic Printing Machine

Satellite Type Flexographic Printing Machine



It is used for high-precision and high-speed printing of paper, plastic woven fabric, and paper-plastic composite rolls, double-station non-stop rewinding and changing, servo automatic flying power cutting cloth, safe and fast Top products for flexographic printing.


Performance and characteristics  

·Automatic deviation correction, constant tension control, stop when material is cut, digital display of roll diameter, warning for material change.

·Non-stop material change, automatic servo cutting cloth double-station swing arm changing rolls within 100 meters of speed reduction.

·The base and thickened wall panels are all made of cast iron to ensure high-speed, stable and long-term operation of the machine.

·Ceramic anilox roller and closed doctor blade combined ink transfer mode, two-way diaphragm pump automatically circulates ink.

·Closed high-speed circulating air knife oven, patented product guarantees drying.

·Corona system, corona treatment on the front and back of the base cloth, the corona value can be adjusted at random speed.

·The 8-inch rewinding inflatable shaft is convenient to cooperate with the square bottom valve bag production equipment.

·International first-class brand accessories, domestic first-class manufacturing technology, domestic first-class brand service.

·Low noise and international standard safety protection design, beautiful and atmospheric equipment, high investment.

·Light maintenance, high efficiency.

·High precision, fast speed and good efficiency.

Fast printing speed and good effect, without stopping the machine to change rolls.

Technical Parameters

Maximum printing height


Printing length


Registration accuracy


Single-sided overprint accuracy


Number of printing colors

8 colors (4 positive and 4 reverse)

Rewinding and unwinding diameter


Printing speed


main motor power