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Smart Plastic Woven Bag Gas Permeability Tester
Smart Plastic Woven Bag Gas Permeability Tester

Smart Plastic Woven Bag Gas Permeability Tester



It is used for the detection of air permeability of plastic woven valve pockets to measure the reference value that meets the requirements of air permeability during filling.

(The reference standard value of the filling air permeability of cement packaging bags is 120m3/h, but due to the different pressures and packaging speeds of the filling machines of each manufacturer, it should be adjusted according to the actual situation)

Performance and characteristics

·The equipment adopts the combination of traditional mechanical measurement and inductive digital measurement. The detection data can be displayed on the touch screen, the reading is intuitive, the batch of the product is detected, various detection data, the inspector, and the date, etc., can be edited and input, and the data is available Save and view historical data and print or transmit output.0

·The equipment uses traditional needle type mechanical barometer and pressure transmitter to detect and display the pressure of the gas.

·The equipment adopts a combination of 2 mechanical gas flowmeters with different ranges and a digital display gas flowmeter. The detection data is read on the touch screen, and the detection data of the two can be mutually verified and referenced.

·U disk can be used to download current test data and historical test data.

·This device is equipped with Internet (Internet) interface and wireless Wifi function, which can modify parameters and read data online on the mobile terminal and PC terminal.

Technical Parameters

Pressure range

1~8kPa (80mbar)

Measurable air permeability


Mechanical measurement error


Digital measurement error


Connect intake pressure

6 bar(0.6MPa)

Connected air flow (with gas storage tank)


Main pressure gauge range


Range of auxiliary pressure gauge


Pressure gauge transmitter range


Mechanical air flow meter range 1


Mechanical air flow meter range 2


Mathematical air flow meter range


Main pressure regulating valve adjustment range


Adjustment range of auxiliary pressure regulator


Intake hose length


Intake hose connector

DN25 internal thread

Common size of valve port

3 minutes

Overall size


Configuration list

Pressure gauge

German brand

Pressure gauge transmitter

Chinese brand

Mechanical air flow meter

German brand

Digital air flow meter

Chinese brand

Main pressure regulator

Italian brand

Assistant pressure regulator

Japanese brand